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Atelier 57 consist of three distinctive spaces namely, The Loft, Box Vox & La Vogue. We offer a platform which enables you to inspire your audience, stakeholders and more. Whether you are launching your latest product, hosting valued customers, conducting an informative seminar; our team will tailor to your needs. We believe that in everything we do, we must empower the people & inspire innovative change. 


THE Loft

Inspired by the New York concepts with rustic elements is The Loft

Perfect for influencing your audience; with the luxuriously high ceilings & mezzanine floor. Japanese minimalism being the core principle, to ensure that the environment does not overpower, but rather compliments the story you want to deliver to your audience. Capable of hosting up to 80 seating & 120 standing. 


Box Vox

Beautifully designed container boxes fully equipped with wood finishings, air-conditioning and art gallery lighting. Box Vox is the perfect arrival and registration station for any event. 


La Vogue

Inspired by the catwalks from Los Angeles, we bring you la Vogue. The runway that is designed to make your guest feel special and full of anticipation for what is to come. The perfect entryway into The Loft


Rent this space from rm600.00

(Launching Promotional Price)


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